Discover our new Spring/Summer home fragrances…

Discover our new Spring/Summer home fragrances…

We’re so excited to introduce you to our NEW Spring/Summer home fragrance collection.
From rolling meadows of wildflowers to sunset strolls along an idyllic beach, escape through your senses and bring a moment of calm to your surroundings through KAMELYA Home Fragrance.
Our home fragrances are hand poured in the English countryside using natural, eco friendly and kind to you ingredients.

Discover our Spring/Summer collection below…

Wild Meadow

Reminiscent of an early summers morning. Fresh linen warmed by the sun, the summers breeze flowing gently through rolling meadows of wildflowers. Notes of freshly picked jasmine, white neroli and iris wood begin the scent layer of this beautiful fragrance. Musk, precious amber and smooth vanilla add the warmth and depth of a spring/summers day.

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Sun-warmed bougainvillea flowing over whitewashed houses, sunlight glistening on the ocean, the warmth of the Mediterranean fills the air. Opening notes of radiant bergamot, mandarin and sun-drenched cassis take you there. Dewy rose, neroli and sheer jasmine at the heart. Warmed with notes of amber, patchouli and vanilla that add depth to this beautiful, captivating aroma.
Moments from the mediterranean, a scent to take you there.

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Reminiscent of sunset strolls along an idyllic beach, palm trees flowing in the warm breeze, the ocean glistening under the sun. Our Palm candle blends notes of fresh bergamot, bright orange and exotic coconut evoking memories of a tranquil escape. Warm amber, vanilla and almond balance and complete this soothing scent.

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