Summer Picnic Essentials

Summer Picnic Essentials


Weather looking good for the weekend but not sure what to do? We’ve got you covered. Think British countryside, dazzling sun with a soft breeze, sun hat and strawberries ready to go. All you need now is a good book and our ultimate Kamelya essentials for a picturesque weekend picnic.

Explore our summer picnic essentials: 


Our peshtemals make for wonderful picnic blankets. They are light weight, easy to carry and more importantly are wonderfully designed making them the perfect base for a picturesque picnic. Available in 7 colours and 3 different styles. Shop here


Elevate your picnic with our Kamelya napkins. Each one is individually embroidered, choose from our Artisan designs or Monogram with your bespoke initials. Shop here



Pack all your essentials up in our Kamelya Jute Tote. Lightweight, cotton padded handles and laminated lining allowing for the perfect picnic bag. The natural Jute is a wonderful fabric that goes with almost any summer outfit. Shop here


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