5 ways to add wellness into your routine

5 ways to add wellness into your routine

The idea of Kamelya and our ethos to elevate the everyday through small moments for beautiful living really began through my own experience with wellness.

I've always been the type of person who likes looking after myself from both the inside and outside, whether that be having a relaxing evening and drawing myself a warm bubble bath or releasing my mind through countryside walks in nature, I've always found myself reaching for wellness in different ways.

Since the pandemic wellness has become such a big part of our lives, we have been allowed the time to stop, reflect and implement the changes we may want to introduce into our lives. 

My journey however started before the rest of the world. A few years ago I found myself, like many of us I imagine, in a state of eat, sleep, work, repeat, with little time in between for myself. I was in a job that I had lost my passion for and I found myself living for the weekends, holidays and time off... but the thing that dawned on me was that that really isn't living. Life happens everyday and through my experience I believe a beautiful life is created in the small moments, in our routines and everyday moments. 

So instead of getting up after having the extra 5 minutes in bed, I started to wake up and implement small changes that made me feel good, at first maybe as a coping mechanism for going to a job I found unfulfilling but eventually these moments became my happy places, happy places that I slotted between brushing my teeth and catching my train, the small moments. 

There's the saying 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and maybe this can be applied to life also, to find the beauty in the everyday. Make the rush for the train beautiful, slow down and notice the birds singing and feel the breeze on your skin, take a flask to work with your favourite herbal tea in it that lifts you up while writing your emails, not only does the ritual of making the tea while in your robe on a morning make you feel calm and relaxed but taking it with you throughout your day is like taking a little comforting piece of home with you. 

Here are 5 ways to add wellness into your routine that I have tried and tested for you through my own journey with wellness:


  • Morning Moments - Start your day right with moments you have for yourself in the morning that make you feel good. Whether that be having your slippers or bathrobe by your bed to instantly wrap yourself up in on those early mornings or enjoying a morning coffee or herbal tea from the comfort of bed, introduce small moments that make you feel good as soon as you start your day.
  • Uplift Your SensesResearch and science has established that scent has the ability to alter our emotions and moods more than any other sensory experience. Fragrance therefore can be such an important element for our wellbeing. Notes such as sandalwood and vanilla in our Mirage and Velvet Tonka candles evoke feelings of calm, while bergamot and jasmine in Wild Meadow and Bougainvillea can uplift your senses. Fill the spaces in your home with scents that suit your mood or the rooms purpose and enjoy the moment spent in a beautiful candlelit ambience. 
  • Be Present - Sometimes in life we can find ourselves wrapped up in thought about the past or future which can sometimes leave us in a sense of anxiety affecting our wellbeing. So next time you're brushing your teeth or walking to work over thinking about that thing that happened or how much you're not looking forward to something, just stop, be present, notice what's around you, can you hear the birds singing or see the trees flowing? Relax your mind and be present on the now. One thing I've learnt when I feel overwhelmed or in my thoughts is to think or say 3 things I'm grateful for, once I've done this I can instantly feel my body and mind relax and return to the present.
  • Let Nature Fill Up Your Cup - Whether on a morning walk, during your lunchtime or just noticing it around you I find being around nature is one of the best ways to implement wellness into your life. Nature has a beautiful way of refocusing and calming our minds and body. Theres nothing I love more than an early morning dog walk in the countryside, each time it fills me with so much happiness and contentment. 
  • Wind Down Routine - A good nights sleep is imperative for balanced wellbeing and the key is in your night time routine. Put away your phone and turn your bedroom into your own tranquil sanctuary. Our Mirage candle is my favourite way to instantly achieve a calm ambience with a spa like scent. Notes of orchid and vanilla aid with the calming of stress and anxiety which is complimented by lotus blossom which provides a feeling of peacefulness and helps the body to relax. After carrying out a relaxing at home Gua Sha facial wrapped up in my Mirage Robe there's nothing better than getting into bed to a calming ambiance with a relaxing scent filling the air.


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