How to style an Amalfi inspired table

How to style an Amalfi inspired table

Our latest collection is inspired by a visit to the beautiful cliff side village of Positano on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Along with the breathtaking sunsets and sparkling views across the cliff side it was the small moments of beauty nestled within the streets that I adored the most. From hand painted tiles to ceramic pottery, a design that was continuous throughout in authentic Italian style were sunshine coloured lemons. This Italian motif led to perfect inspiration for our Positano napkin, each napkin is individually embroidered onto our classic white hemstitch detailed ‘Artisan Napkin’. I’m transported to Positano every time I use these beautiful napkins, even if just for a Wednesday night pasta dish.

Read below for our tips on how to create an alfresco Amalfi inspired tablescape.


Let’s start with the base, the table. Whether it’s old, new, wooden or glass, we believe in authenticity. While the dream would be to dress a hand painted Italian ceramic table, it really is all in the decoration. For us, we used our family round pine table for the base of our tablescape, the wood works nicely for an authentic feel and a round table is a lovely shape to socialise around.


Now to the fun part, the Kamelya part. We’ve kept it very simple with the glassware and cutlery with colourful plates in a traditional blue & white.

We opted for a classic rectangle fold for our Positano Artisan Napkin placed over each plate. The beautiful lemon embroidery really sets the mood for an Italian themed evening.

For those breezy summer nights we love adding our neutral Palm Peshtemals over the seat of each guests chair for them to use to wrap over their shoulders.


When it comes to further decoration we’ve kept it simple and rustic, with just one aged terracotta vase in the centre that is planted with soft blue flowers, the height is just right for conversation across the table. Raffia is always a favourite of ours in the form of trays and placemats due to the natural fibre and aesthetic. We love that the greenery of the garden in these photos creates the perfect setting to host our guests. Feel free to add t-lights or candles as the evening light dims for a truly sparkling evening. 



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