How we’re in with Vogue's hottest 2022 interior trend

How we’re in with Vogue's hottest 2022 interior trend

"From Infrared Saunas to Meditation Corners, “Wellness” Is 2022’s Hottest Design Trend - Vogue"

Heres an excerpt from Vogues latest article: April 19 2022

"In a recent report from the American Society of Interior Designers, “health and wellness” was highlighted as one of the top interior design trends for 2022: “Homeowners are increasingly searching for designs and products that will promote good health and an overall sense of well-being,” the report reads, noting an increased interest in “mental wellness enhancements,” “outdoor living spaces,” and “places where they can relax and restore from the increased stresses of everyday life.”
So what does “wellness” look like in a home, exactly? For some, it’s a dedicated space for a relaxation treatment of choice. For those with smaller spaces, wellness accents are becoming the decor choice du jour. Crystals, geodes, and agate—all known for their positive energy properties.
The question is—why? Wellness is far from a new concept or buzzword. But perhaps this has something to do with it: In 2020, Americans' mental health hit new lows. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, 67 percent of adults said they experienced stress over the course of the pandemic. Nearly half of adults reported this negatively impacted their behavior, from increased body tension, to unexpected mood swings, to screaming or yelling at loved ones. Simply put: after the year—or, at this point, years—that we’ve all collectively had, we just want to chill out. And the best place to do that? Our homes.
"We’ve all spent most of our time at home these past two years, which I think has really caused everyone to reprioritize wellness within a space. It’s no longer just a place you return to after a long day, your home should reflect and inspire the best in you.” explains Kayne."

So there you have it, Wellness is 2022's hottest interior trend.

Wellness is so important to us at Kamelya, it is a ritual our brand is centered around. From our sumptuous 100% cotton Mirage Robes and Mirage Wellness Hampers to our Rose Quartz Crystal Gua Sha facial tools and Natural Soy Candles, we are all about inspiring you to create a calm space within your home to help you feel your most at peace and happy.

As mentioned in Vogue's article, wellness doesn't just stop at the bathroom/spa category. Our hand woven Peshtemals are a great way to elevate your outdoor living space. Retreat to the garden with your Anatolia Peshtemal and book in hand for an afternoon of relaxation or lay out your Palm Peshtemal on the grass for your morning session of yoga. 

We believe wellness should be an everyday practice within your routine, from small moments like enjoying your hot water and lemon on a morning to your calming Gua Sha Rose Quartz at home evening facial, we hope to inspire you to create your own wellness space and rituals within your home.

How will you be introducing wellness into your home this year?


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